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Job requirements

Must be able to proficiently read, write, speak, analyze, interpret, and understand social interactions in the english language.

Must be able to interact with and work with others in a healthy, positive, and helpful manner.

Must have the ability to perform basic and mental math solutions.

Must be able to stand or walk for the duration of a scheduled shift.

Ability to regularly function (ie: thrust, bend, twist, pull, reach, lift 30 pounds regularly and 60 pounds occasionally).

Must be able to stay organized and on task, and to be able to work all assigned shifts in compliance with attendance policies.

Some knowledge of the food industry is required.

We would like our employees to have a NJ food handlers license, as well as Servsafe certifications whether it be management or handling certifications.

When filling out the boxes below, please put “n/a” in the sections that do not apply to you.

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