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Apple Pie and Pumpkinnoli

This Fall we have been surprised by the sales of two of our signature gelato flavors. In the past we have tried many seasonal gelato flavors such as “Chestnut”, “Panetone”, and “Cassata Siciliana”. Gelato always seemed to be a niche product for us with most of it’s fans opting for conservative, traditional flavors like Nocciola and Bacio.

Last year we introduced “Pumpkinnoli” a flavor cross between pumpkin and cannoli. We start with our pumpkin base that we use for our “Pumkpkin Pie” ice cream, weave in fresh cannoli cream , and finish it with some dark chocolate chips. Our cannoli cream is prepared here fresh from ricotta impastata, confectionary sugar, lemon rine, and a pinch of cinnamon.
Apple Pie Gelato
We have always made “Apple Pie” ice cream and it does great this time of year. When we made this gelato however we were sure we didnt want to just replicate it. We start off by soaking pie crust, brown sugar, and cinnamon over night in a container with milk. The next day we hit it with the immersion blender and strain out anything that couldn’t be blended in. As the batch is running we mix in apple pie filling. Our goal is to recreate the taste of apple pie using the gelato as the crust and letting the filling stand alone.


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